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We have already announced this on the IEA main page but for those who do not follow us there we wanted to make sure this information was put somewhere where everyone who was interested will see it! This group opened back in June with high hopes but, we found that the way we chose to present the storyline wasn’t the best. So, to make things less confusing we have decided to merge IEA and SEA into one group. All of our bios and storylines will be moved to the IEA main page! If you were interested in joining this group you will still have the opportunity, so please keep checking the IEA main page for further updates!

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Alexander Skarsgard as Hades→Living with a controlled case of  Intermittent Explosive Disorder→ Taken

What is I.E.D.? This is a behavioral disorder characterized by extreme expressions of anger, often to the point of uncontrollable rage, that are disproportionate to the situation at hand. Impulsive aggression is unpremeditated, and is defined by a disproportionate reaction to any provocation, real or perceived.

Back-Story:Hades had always gotten the short end of the stick. The eldest son of Cronus and Rhea, Hades was use to getting less attention and being often forgotten. Especially when his brother Zeus was born.He quickly won over Rhea and Cronus plus all of the other gods and goddesses on Mount Olympus. Over shadowing all of his older siblings. Zues eventually became king of the gods and Poseidon and Hades had to draw straws on who would rule the two remaining realms. As usual Hades got the short stick and was name ruler of the Underworld, the least desirable realm.  Once he was banished to the Underworld, his attitude on everything changed.  He quickly filled with resentment for his youngest brother Zeus and everyone else that lived on Mount Olympus. He didn’t understand why he had to be banished to the Underworld. He became very bitter but there was no way to vent any of it out. Not even torturing souls or any of his minions could serve as a satisfying enough outlet for him. It manifested in him making him seem like he was on edge all the time. Though when he wasn’t angry he was able to be his regular charismatic self. It was very often that tiniest of details would make him explode. It got to the point where he would rip someones head off of their shoulders or even kill them over something as tiny as a paper cut. Especially after he was tripped at the finish line and his long plots of revenge had fallen through. This only worsened when reality hit and he was brought to the asylum and discovered that the godly powers that he had possessed had been taken away. He hates it at the asylum. He wishes that he was back in the underworld with his powers. He tries his best to control his temper so that he can return home but it’s difficult when there are so many people in the asylum that push his buttons.

Despite the ups and downs, Hades truly has made progress while at Rogue Vengeance. The anger and bitterness he often displayed was, according to Frollo, simply a front put up by a man who had been neglected and forgotten by his own family and loved ones. However, after finding someone he could be comfortable with and no longer have to put up emotional barriers to hide his true feelings, Hades started to improve. Occasional outbursts were to be expected from the man who’s temper was at a near-constant boil for eons and was only just now learning how to redirect those emotions; however, Doctor Frollo was careful to take note of his improvements (though he never voiced those improvements with Hades). He could see a change in the god, no longer flying off at the drop of a hat like he had during the first month or so in the asylum. While Hades lives lavishly in Grimmsvale, most of his wealth doesn’t come from his simple minimum-wage job as a butcher at the grocery store deli, but from his personal store wired to him by his minions back in the Underworld. On his days off, Hades will either spend his time at home, or wander his usual Grimmsvale haunts: the gym, the park, or (in the evening) at the Green Dragon. While he still longs to be home again, being in Grimmsvale is far less restrictive than the asylum and is just one step closer to his ultimate goals of returning to the Underworld and resuming his godly duties.

IEA Connections: None

SEA Connections: Megara (Taken)


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Chris Evans as Buzz Lightyear→ Living with a controlled case of Psychosis→ Taken

What is Psychosis? A loss of contact with reality that usually includes: False beliefs about what is taking place or who one is (delusions) or seeing or hearing things that aren’t there (hallucinations).

Back-Story:For as long as Buzz can remember, he had always looked up to the astronauts that his father told him about. He found them, the stars, and anything to do with space fascinating. He learned as much as he could about space and how to be an astronaut, spouting off random facts whenever he could. Astronomy was the best thing to him and he needed to learn more and more. His goal in life is become a great astronaut and see outer space. But when something happened to him, something that made him unable to become that great astronaut that he wanted to be, his mind changed. He needed to become that astronaut. That was all that he wanted to be. He couldn’t think of what he would do in life without him unable to become that astronaut that he so wanted to be. As he changed, his mind started to make him believe that he was one, that astronaut that he knew he was destined to become. His family was quick to notice the change, as he believed that he was in outer space and he talked about being an astronaut and his achievements and missions often. They sent him here, in hopes that he would become better. Buzz is a rather intelligent person and when he’s on his medicine, he’s the person who people can look up to. He’s a leader, through and through, and he’s always there to lend a hand. While he’s in his delusions, he can be a little cocky and speak down to everyone as if he’s better than them. After all, he believes that he is an astronaut. He tends to keep to himself most of the time, in the library searching up more information about astrology and trying to figure out how he can actually achieve his dreams, or he’s out trying to convince the doctors that he is sane, that he needs to bee out in the world. All he wants to do is get out of here and finally achieve his dreams of being that astronaut he has wanted to be since he was very young.

When Buzz could no longer be an astronaut after a celebration turned into a car accident, leaving him with long lasting trauma, it was like his world had ended. He had to imagine himself as an astronaut and for a while, in the asylum, this was how he preferred to be. He wanted to be the shining hero who made his mother and father proud. He learned however, that is not acceptable. The world isn’t a fantasy. He still has great work ethic, drive, and people skills and he has learned to put these forward into work skills. He still loves the stars and the heavens, but he realizes the world isn’t coming to an end. There are new adventures on the horizon. He’s hoping in Grimmsvale to start anew, he got a job at Diamond In The Rough as a security guard, to pursue new interests, and leave the astronaut behind, and become a hero in his own right. 

IEA Connections:Woody (Open) | Jessie (Taken)

SEA Connections:  Jafar (Taken)

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